Gomada helps remote teams create and maintain a team-building routine and keep the employees engaged and happy in their workplace. Gomada was founded by the team at Veertly, a virtual event platform trusted by over 7500 companies all over the world.

As a growing startup, Gomada dedicated a big chunk of their marketing budget to SEO, so, of course, they need to work with great writers who can produce high-quality content that will establish their brand and bring some new signups!

Hiring before Workello

“It was really hard handling numerous applications, evaluating them, and then manually sending out all the tests,” says Julian Schaaf, Head of Marketing at Gomada. “The process was basically the same as we do now but everything was so manual, we struggled with so many emails, Google Docs, and various application forms. So we would end up settling for the best candidate we could find, but since we couldn’t evaluate as many candidates as we can now, the best before was not the same as the best now. Settling is not great.”

The hiring process

Hiring playbook used: Hiring Niche Writers

Gomada’s team used Workello’s pre-optimized content writer job description template and aligned it with their brand. They clearly stated that they were looking for writers with previous experience in remote work and remote team building, as they will produce content related to Gomada’s many remote team building activities (we can’t recommend them enough by the way!). They also stated the compensation and the benefits of working with them to attract the highest number of qualified candidates.

The assessment task they opted for was a modified version of Workello’s pre-existing template that focuses on three things:

  1. It’s easier and faster to take than other writing assessments
  2. It should accurately show the candidates’ writing and research abilities
  3. It should also show the candidates’ ability to write engaging content with no fluff

They posted their job ads in interest-based Facebook groups, LinkedIn, and Reddit, and got 425 candidates, tested 45, and hired five writers that joined their fast-growing team, and we’re confident that they will reach their goal of 1000 pages published by the end of 2022!

Why Gomada chose Workello

“First of all, the hiring process was not a pain in our neck anymore,” says Julian. “When we started using Workello, we got about 500 applications and I could keep track of everything in one place. I could advance people or reject applications with a click of a button. I couldn’t do that by myself before — hiring took up so much of my and my team’s time. I can’t spend two days a week on hiring. But, with Workello, I cut that time down to maybe a few hours every week!”

Gomada hired five writers with Workello and they already produced over 40 articles in less than a month. Their goal is to get that to 100 and then keep producing more content by the end of the year and growing their organic traffic.

“We wanted quality and we got it at scale for a good price. And best of all, we found people that we actually want to work with.” Julian says. “It just works.”

We and over 50 companies couldn’t agree more. If you also want to invest in organic but you’re struggling to find amazing writers, sign up for Workello today.