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Workello is a skills testing platform enabling content teams to identify and hire the top 1% of their writing candidates.

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Identify the top 1% of your candidates with pre-employment skills tests. Hire based the ability to excel at the job to be done, not CV, education, or work history.

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  • Assess hundreds of candidates with 1-click testing
  • Make unbiased hiring decisions based on candidate skills, not education, CV, or location
Alex Heinle

“Workello helps us assess so many candidates, we are absolutely sure we hire the best people for the job.”


Alexander Heinle

Set up in seconds

Your job description, assessment, and candidate notifications are pre-written so that you can start accepting candidates in 90 seconds.


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Post your job ad on your favorite hiring channels. Candidates complete their application on Workello and appear in your hiring dashboard.


Track your candidates

Track and move your candidates through your hiring process quickly and efficiently.


1-click assessments

Send a paid or unpaid pre-hire writing assessment to identify your best candidates.

Recruit everywhere

Source from your favorite hiring channels, track and manage all of your candidates in Workello.

Alex Eckhart

“One of the biggest advantages of Workello is that you can vet more candidates. If you get 100 applicants you need them all to be in one place and you need a way to vet them quickly

Alex Eckhart

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