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Filter through hundreds of candidates to identify and hire the top 1%.

  • Quick.
  • Easy.
  • Automated.
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Recruit everywhere

Track, manage, and test all of your candidates, from all of your hiring channels,

in a single dashboard.

Skills Test

1-click skills tests

Identify and hire the top 1% of your candidates using skills tests.

  • Better than CVs and resumes.
  • Better than unstructured interviews.
  • Better than reference checks.
  • Better than education.
  • Better than years of experience.
Alex Heinle

“Workello helps us assess so many candidates, we are absolutely sure we hire the best people for the job.”


Alexander Heinle

Get out of your mailbox.

Keep track of all your candidates in a single, always up to date dashboard.

  • All your candidates.
  • Organized by status.
  • Updated automatically.
Features - Hiring Portal
Chris Tweten

“Workello saved us so much clicking. Not having to manage the process in our mailbox or across multiple platforms was a huge time saver.”

Chris Tweten
Features - Hiring Library 6

Level up your workflows.

Hiring workflows created by industry leaders to get you setup and making better hires – in minutes.

  • Engaging job descriptions.
  • Predictive skills tests.
  • Insightful interview questions.
  • Respectful candidate emails.
  • Top job boards for each role.
Workflow Builder 2

Bring your own workflow.

Already have a hiring workflow you love? Re-create it in minutes.

  • Job description.
  • Skills test.
  • Interview questions.
  • Candidate emails.
Ulf Longren

“We were in a time crunch, so the fact that Workello sped things up was critical.”

Ulf Longren

Managing Director @ Roketto

Features - 1-Click Actions

1-Click everything.

Move candidates through your hiring process with

1-click everything.

  • 1-Click to send a polite rejection email.
  • 1-Click to invite candidates to take your skills test.
  • 1-Click to invite candidates to interview.
Andrew Kemp

“Never in my life have I managed to filter through 200 candidates in the space of hours, and actually get to a point I’m ready to send an offer. That for me was

a game-changer.”

Andrew Kemp

Managing Editor @ State of Digital Publishing

10X candidate experience.

Keep your best candidates engaged and invested with visibility into their application status, what to expect next, and how long it will take to hear back.

  • A better hiring experience equals better candidates hired.
  • Reduce transactional hiring questions.
  • No login or account creation required.
  • Smash your competitors on candidate experience.



Candidate Timeline
Julian Schaaf

“Best of all, we found people that are excited to work with us. It just works.”

Julian Schaaf

Growth @ Gomada

Features - Test Completions

Hit the inbox

You can’t hire candidates that don’t see your emails.

  • Hit the inbox, every time.
  • Increase test completion rates.
  • 94% of test invites are viewed by candidates.
Alex Eckhart

“One of the biggest advantages of Workello is that you can vet more candidates. If you get 100 applicants you need them all to be in one place and you need a way to vet them quickly

Alex Eckhart
Joey Daoud

“With Workello it’s been so much easier to scale up. The testing part is what really shines and makes our processes more streamlined.”

Joey Daoud

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