Net Influencer is a publication that provides commentary, news, and insight into the events in the creator and influencer marketing world. They often do interviews with startup founders, influencers, and brands on how they’re using influencer marketing to grow their businesses and audiences.

Publications like Net Influencer obviously produce a lot of content. They have to work with various well-informed writers who can cover the stories their audience is interested in.

The hiring hassle

“I was in charge of finding writers for Net Influencer, and it was truly a hassle sourcing them from different places,” says David Adler, an editor at Net Influencer. “But more than anything, it was hard to keep track of where we are with each of them in our hiring cycle.”

David is not alone in his struggle. Many online publishers suffer the same problem and resort to spreadsheets to keep track of their candidates. However, spreadsheets can’t really offer the automation other tools can, and they need to be manually updated quite often, so they ultimately cost more time than they save.

The hiring process

Hiring playbook used: Hiring Niche Writers

Net Influencer created a job description based on Workello’s pre-optimized template that all users are welcome to use. They aligned the existing template with their brand, and added more details about the position, including the fact that they were looking for ghostwriters so that the candidates that apply know exactly what they can expect.

The assessment task they created was also based on Workello’s pre-optimized template that they aligned with their brand, provided more instructions, and swapped the example internal links with the links that they wanted their writers to insert into the test article. Because they used the optimized assessment task, they had an insanely good test pass rate. Out of the 15 candidates that submitted their assessments, 13 passed it and advanced to the interview stage of the hiring process.

And the results were amazing. In just a couple of weeks, the Net Influencer team got 60 candidates, tested 15, and hired 6 new writers who are now producing high-quality content for their weekly newsletter and their website!

Why Net Influencer chose Workello

“Workello is really awesome. It helps us keep track of all candidates and keeps them all in the same place, and all communication happens on the platform,” says David. “But what truly helped the most is that I can filter the writers who are not willing to do the work. What I mean by that is that Workello offers different steps (such as testing and interviews) that prove to me that the writer is serious about us and that they actually want to work on our content.”

“Workello has made my job so much easier because it helped me find better candidates and helped me have a consistent stream of applicants that I can always reach out to whenever our content needs increase.”

If you, like Net Influencer, produce a lot of content and need to work with a lot of writers, consider trying Workello today!