The SEO Mama is an SEO agency run by Tessah Aihara. They work primarily with course creators and help them grow their audiences and get more course sales.

Just like any other SEO agency, the folks at SEO Mama have to work with incredible writers who can produce high-quality content at scale.

Issues with hiring in the past

Before implementing Workello in their hiring process, Tessah and her team would hire writers on Upwork and other platforms. “I was drowning in work. It would take me over two weeks to evaluate only 10 candidates because they were all over the place, my email inbox was always full of new applications and I couldn’t keep up”, says Tessah.

“Another issue is that we would have to evaluate candidates on their portfolio only because we didn’t have an assessment system in place. Only after we hired the writers and went through onboarding would we realize that their portfolio was not an accurate representation of their skills. And then we would have to start all over again”.

Why The SEO Mama chose Workello

“It is so easy, so streamlined”, says Tessah. “We know about passive income, but for us, Workello is like passive recruitment. You set it and forget it. We hired six writers with almost no work on our end, Workello automates it all for us.”

The hiring process

Hiring playbook used: Hiring Generalist Writers

The SEO Mama team crafted a job ad based on Workello’s pre-optimized template and aligned it with their brand. The template all Workello users can access is a result of over three years of consistent hiring, and it is written to achieve three things:

  1. To get the most qualified candidate to apply for your job
  2. To excite the most qualified candidates about working with you
  3. To showcase that your company is the best and that they can advance their careers with you

The assessment task The SEO Mama team opted for was also based on Workello’s pre-optimized template, created with busy candidates in mind. The assessment was built to get the candidates to take the test without taking up too much of their time but also to allow you, the employer, to assess your candidate’s capabilities accurately.

The results are amazing. Tessah and The SEO Mama team got about 60 candidates (which is not a lot, and you know it if you ever tried to hire writers). They tested 21, and hired six new writers to join their team.

If you are an SEO agency like The SEO Mama and need to hire high-quality writers, sign up for Workello today.