Umar Faizan from Growth Winner is one of the staples of the SEO community and he is an SEO strategist who helped drive over $4 million ARR for his clients. He has worked with many companies during his career, and some of them include Vertigo Visual, Click Physio Therapy, and The Pets People.

Hiring before Workello

“Hiring has always been a very difficult process for me,” says Umar. Like many SEO consultants, he struggled to find great writers at scale and resorted to many writer marketplaces that didn’t really get him far.

Umar had to settle for “the best of the bunch”, but if the bunch is small, how good is the best one really?

The hiring process

Hiring playbooks used:

  1. Delegating hiring to a virtual assistant
  2. Hiring generalist writers

Umar wrote a short but sweet job description that outlined exactly the type of candidate he was looking for. He wanted someone very familiar with the RV niche, gave information about his company, and outlined the skills his candidates should possess.

The assessment task Umar opted for was based on Workello’s pre-optimized template that he modified to align it with his brand and the type of content he wants to produce. The assessment had to clearly show the candidates’ writing and research skills, familiarity with RVs and the RV niche in general, and the ability to write engaging content.

He posted his job ad in a few interest-based Facebook communities and got 40 candidates, tested 16, and hired 6 writers that joined his team!

Why Umar chose Workello

As a long-time friend of the founders, Umar gave Workello a try. “As difficult as hiring was for me before, Workello made it so seamless and saved me so much time,” says Umar. “This is exactly what a business owner needs.”

We and over 50 other successful companies would agree. As a business owner, you don’t have enough time in the week to spend on hiring. You can’t dedicate three work days to sourcing, sorting, and talking to your candidates.

If you are a business owner or an SEO consultant that needs to produce great content, sign up for Workello today.