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Your job description, assessment, and candidate notifications are pre-written so that you can start accepting candidates in 90 seconds.

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Post your job ad on your favorite hiring channels. Candidates complete their application on Workello and appear in your hiring dashboard.

Track your candidates

Track and move your candidates through your hiring process quickly and efficiently.

1-click assessments

Send a paid or unpaid pre-hire writing assessment to identify your best candidates.


1-click skills assessments

Identify the top 1% of your candidates with pre-employment skills tests. Hire based the ability to excel at the job to be done, not CV, education, or work history.

  • Pre-configured test templates to get started fast
  • Assess hundreds of candidates with 1-click testing
  • Make unbiased hiring decisions based on candidate skills, not education, CV, or location

High Achieving Teams ❤️ Workello

Federico Jorge

Every step of the process was very optimized and made my life so much easier, and I could pick the right person for the job without bias

Federico Jorge


Assessment Library

Up-skill your hiring process with an assessment library created by industry leaders. Assessments are designed to balance comprehensiveness while maintaining high test completion rates and take candidates less than 30 minutes to complete.


Skills Assessment Library

Applicant Tracking System

Recruit everywhere. Organize, manage, and move candidates through your hiring process without leaving Workello.

Saska Panic

“Workello helps us evaluate and test 10x more candidates to find the best fit for our budget. 200 candidates, 30 writing tests, then we hire the top 1%.”

Saska Panic

Executive Editor

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