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Hiring content writers is very difficult


Most content writing candidates are not qualified.

All of your job boards and marketplaces suffer from the same fundamental problem. Good content writers are hired faster than they can find new, good writers for you to hire.


Bad content writers submit good portfolios.

Content writers submit portfolios of live content that went through a 3rd party editor before being published. The first drafts you get back need a lot more editing than expected.


Every step is manual.

It takes 10 – 15 touch points to move one candidate from application to hired. So you don’t evaluate many writers, and end up with the least horrible candidate.


Your lack of systems is chaotic.

Content writers and messages are coming in from everywhere, none of your candidates are sorted by status, you’re missing or replying late to most messages, and the process is chaotic for everyone involved.

Start accepting content writers in 3 minutes.

Your job description, writing assessment test, and candidate emails are pre-optimized and ready to go.


Post your job ad across the internet

Post your job ad on the job boards and Facebook Groups the content writers you want to hire hang out on.

Watch content writing candidates stream in

Content writing candidates find your job ad, complete their application on Workello, and begin appearing in your hiring dashboard. Candidates are sorted by status so you know exactly what you need to do next.


Everything is point & click

No more fumbling across apps. Just point & click to evaluate, send assessment tests, reject, interview, and send offers to candidates all in one place.

Filter out bad writing candidates with good portfolios

Content writing candidates submit heavily edited portfolios that may not reflect the level of quality they’ll submit to you. Evaluate how much editing your candidates will need before you hire them, with a short, pre-screen writing assessment.


Reduce transactional hiring questions

Workello’s candidate status page answers questions from candidates like ‘did you review my test’, or ‘when will I hear back?’ before candidates ask.

Keep your best candidates engaged

Optimized from the ground up to keep the top 5% of content writing candidates engaged and invested into completing your writing assessment.


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“Thanks for all the help man, I appreciate you guys putting out all this value for free.”

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“Love what you guys are doing, and love your openness to help the community. In one post, you and your group did more for me than an SEO agency did in 6 months.”

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