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Workello is a skills testing platform helping ambitious companies identify and hire the top 1% of their applicants.

  • Fast.
  • Easy.
  • Automated.


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Skills Test

1-Click skills tests.

Pre-hire skills tests better predict post-hire performance, more than any other variable in the hiring process.

  • Better than CVs and resumes.
  • Better than interviews.
  • Better than reference checks.
  • Better than education.
  • Better than years of experience.


Alex Heinle

“Workello helps us assess so many candidates, we are absolutely sure we hire the best people for the job.”


Alexander Heinle
Features - Hiring Library 6

10x your templates.

Hiring templates created by industry leaders to get you setup and making better hires – in minutes.

  • Engaging job descriptions.
  • Predictive skills tests.
  • Insightful interview questions.
  • Respectful candidate emails.
  • Top job boards for each role.


Ulf Longren

“We were in a time crunch, so the fact that Workello sped things up was critical.”

Ulf Longren

Managing Director @ Roketto

Get out of your mailbox.

A structured way to manage all of your applicants, from all of your hiring channels, in a single place.

  • Your applicants.
  • Organized by status.
  • Updated automatically.


Features - Hiring Portal
Chris Tweten

“Workello saved us so much clicking. Not having to manage the process in our mailbox or across multiple platforms was a huge time saver.”

Chris Tweten
Features - 1-Click Actions

1-Click everything.

Streamlined to help you screen hundreds of candidates to identify the best, in hours – not days.

  • 1-Click to send a polite rejection email.
  • 1-Click to invite candidates to take your skills test.
  • 1-Click to invite candidates to interview.


Andrew Kemp

“Never in my life have I managed to filter through 200 candidates in the space of hours, and actually get to a point I’m ready to send an offer. That for me was

a game-changer.”

Andrew Kemp

Managing Editor @ State of Digital Publishing

10X candidate experience.

Keep the top 5% of your candidates engaged so they decide to invest their valuable time into finishing your hiring process.

  • A better hiring experience equals better candidates to choose from.
  • Reduce transactional hiring questions.
  • Smash your competitors on candidate experience.




applicant timeline
Julian Schaaf

“Best of all, we found people that are excited to work with us. It just works.”

Julian Schaaf

Growth @ Gomada

Joey Daoud

“With Workello it’s been so much easier to scale up. The testing part is what really shines and makes our processes more streamlined.”

Joey Daoud

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